Cloud Based

No need to setup any software or procure any hardware. We take care of it all for you so you can focus on your research. Need an on-premise solution? We can do that too, reach out and we can get you more details.


Give us your FASTQ files, and we'll take it from there. Multiple aligners, gene/transcript/exon expression analysis, variant and rare allele detection, QC analysis, differential expression, tag processing, and more.


Share any aspect of your genomics projects with individuals either inside or outside your organization. Use comments to dialogue with each other and even annotate particular aspects of analysis results, allowing interesting finds within large data sets to be easily referenced.


All the analyses include interactive visualization tools of the results that can handle the scale of large genomic projects. Change thresholds when looking at alignments, compare variants detected across multiple samples, look at heatmaps of gene expression data at different p-values, etc. - all in real time with just a click.


Curio uses a proprietary approach to the way it breaks jobs down into smaller parts that can be distributed across a cluster of machines, allowing you to more quickly experiment by exposing intermediate results while jobs are still in progress and getting you final results in record time.

Big Data

We store all of the analysis results in a unique "big data" indexed format that allows you to ask complex questions of the genome across hundreds of samples, and get answers back in minutes or seconds. If you want the industry standard formats (BAMs, VCFs, etc.) for other purposes, Curio can easily provide those to you too.