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About Curio Genomics
Curio Genomics is a bioinformatics software company dedicated to accelerating agrigenomics research to develop and commercialize better seeds that are more resilient to climate stress, have higher yields, and require less from the environment for a more secure and sustainable future.

Our approach includes strategic partnerships with industry and consortia in order to develop and deliver integrated sequencing and analysis solutions for breakthrough genomic science.
What we are doing to make the world better...
Accelerating Crop Discovery
We aim to play an integral role in the discovery process that leads to more resilient and more productive crops in the face of global climate change and an increasing global population.
Empowering Researchers
We empower researchers to ask more and harder questions of their data knowing they have the tools necessary to get answers fast.
Endlessly Innovating
We continually deliver value from our endless pursuit to innovate the ways crop genomics data is processed, organized, visualized, and dynamically accessed.
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