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About Curio Genomics
Curio Genomics is accelerating agriculture genomics research to deliver better products to market faster. Our proprietary parallelized bioinformatics software and data platform, CURIO™, enables unprecedented data processing speed of large and complex genomic datasets. CURIO delivers genomic data to breeders in minutes through intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces without engaging scarce bioinformatics experts.

Our culture is one of open innovation, collaboration, and partnership. Our approach includes strategic partnerships with industry and consortia in order to develop and deliver integrated sequencing and analysis solutions for breakthrough genomic science.

What we are doing to make the world better...
Accelerating Discovery
We aim to play an integral role in the discovery process, which will lead to better plant and animal breeding and faster market entry for new products.
Empowering Scientists
We empower scientists to independently get answers to hard questions, iterate quickly, and accelerate their decision making.
Endlessly Innovating
We continually deliver value from our endless pursuit of innovation in the ways agrigenomics data is processed, organized, visualized, and dynamically accessed.
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