CURIO | Platform

The CURIO™ Platform

The CURIO platform was designed and built by an expert team of product developers with decades of “big data” software development experience to make easy work of large, complex crop genomes.

Using CURIO, researchers are able to instantly visualize and dynamically explore their data by parallelizing enormous computational demands using the platform’s proprietary cloud architecture.

The end result is complex agrigenomics questions get answered in minutes or hours versus weeks or months.
I just did in 1 hour what would have taken our team 3 months.
John Baison, Ph.D., Cereal Geneticist, RAGT Seeds

Discovery at the Speed of Curiosity

Process, Organize, Visualize and Dynamically Explore Your Data from One Fully-Integrated Platform
CURIO Reports
Download and dynamically visualize your sample data and primary analyses in your web browser.
CURIO Insights
Biologist-friendly, simple, fast, real-time dataset and cohort analyses to generate “insights”, collaborate with others, and publish results.
CURIO PowerTools
Powerful options for bioinformatics-savvy users that make complex analyses simple to execute and ultra-fast.
Extensible Architecture
Add reference genomes with a button click. Most feature extensions are developed in days, rather than months. Purposely built to evolve with the changing needs of crop researchers
Interactive "real time" data browsers and visualizations
Sample read alignment, variant calling, and coverage analysis
Organized and linked projects, samples, and analyses
FASTQ, BAM and VCF data exports
Multi-sample and cohort-based analysis
Annotate projects, samples, and individual analysis insights
Enhanced VCFs, analysis query, and filtering options
Collaborate and share across multiple researchers
Efficiently run custom-configured jobs on your own
Extended bioinformatics tool and analysis options
Leverage custom or alternate reference assemblies
Additional analysis types
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