One platform to accelerate all of your agrigenomics objectives

From deep, whole-genome sequencing for research and discovery to high-volume, low-pass sequencing with imputation for genotyping, CURIO™ makes fast, easy work of any genomic data, irrespective of species or depth of coverage.

Whether the need is a simple report or the capability to visualize and collaborate with your data in real-time, no other bioinformatics platform delivers the speed, ease-of-use, or breadth of features as CURIO.
We love hard problems!

With data ready in minutes, not weeks, CURIO’s real-time visualization and dynamic data exploration capabilities enable faster iterations resulting in rapid discovery and accelerated breeding decisions.

  • Do More Science
    Faster More Powerful Bioinformatics

    CURIO is a cloud-based platform that ultra-parallelizes the uniquely enormous computional demands of genomic data resulting in answers in seconds.

  • All-in-One Platform
    Better Dynamic Visual Data

    CURIO brings the entire bioinformatics workflow into a single, fully integrated work space. This allows biologists and data scientists to refine their analysis individually or together in real-time.

  • Easy, Not Hard
    Easy-to Use Intuitive Design for Everyone

    CURIO was designed to enable biologists to easily and rapidly explore and tune analysis parameters optimized to each research question.

Seeing is believing!

We'd love to learn more about your work and show you around the CURIO platform. Provide a few contact details below, and we will coordinate a time for a casual, informative discussion.