Agrigenomics Accelerated

Empowering Global Crop Research
Accelerating research for global food & economic security

A genuine sense of urgency is driving researchers across the globe to expedite crop adaptation in order to meet fast-growing challenges from climate change, population growth, and the long-term sustainability of arable land.

Crop genomics is a key element in finding effective solutions. Unfortunately, today, crop genomics research is too hard and too slow to deliver its full potential for global impact.

Curio Genomics is dedicated to accelerating the impact of crop genomics research.
Faster discovery for better research
The speed of the cloud coupled with CURIO's unique parallel processing technology results in faster discovery and research impact.
We love hard problems!

With data ready in minutes, not weeks, crop researchers can instantly visualize and dynamically explore their data and make discoveries faster, getting innovative seeds in the ground and new products to market sooner.

  • Do More Science
    Faster More Powerful Bioinformatics

    CURIO is a cloud-based platform that ultra-parallelizes the uniquely enormous computional demands of crop genomic data resulting in answers in seconds.

  • All-in-One Platform
    Better Dynamic Visual Data

    CURIO brings the entire bioinformatics workflow into a single, fully integrated work space. This allows biologists and data scientists to refine their analysis individually or together in real-time.

  • Easy, Not Hard
    Easy-to Use Intuitive Design for Everyone

    CURIO was designed to enable biologists to easily and rapidly explore and tune analysis parameters optimized to each research question.

Seeing is Believing

You’ve seen Next-Gen Sequencing. Now, you need to see Next-Gen Crop Bioinformatics! Schedule some time with us and we will show you the transformative power of CURIO.