Your Low-Pass Genotyping Partner
Faster, more informed breeding decisions - made easy by LPS plus CURIO™ imputation.

Low-pass sequencing plus imputation is fast becoming recognized as the preferred genotyping method over SNP microarray among plant and animal breeders.

CURIO was designed for exactly this type of analysis at a massive scale, delivering results in minutes at the push of a button. From early research to large-scale daily operations of breeders, CURIO provides the best-in-class imputation analysis for plant and animal breeders.
Reasons to Choose CURIO
Faster is just the beginning of the benefits you will enjoy by choosing the CURIO Platform
  • 1
    Better Breeding Decisions, Faster
    By providing results in minutes, not hours or even days, you can make better breeding decisions faster.
  • 2
    Open, Transparent, and Validated
    CURIO provides fully-transparent, best-in-class algorithms, through a seamless, easy-to-use interface.
  • 3
    Works With Any Species, Plant or Animal
    CURIO is capable of handling any species, plant or animal, when provided with a reference panel.
  • 4
    Build Your Own Reference Panel
    CURIO enables breeders and researchers to easily build their own reference panels through a simple, interface-driven workflow.
  • 5
    Flexibility to Scale On-Demand
    The CURIO platform is built on a massively scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure with a unique, proprietary parallel processing architecture.
  • 6
    Optimizes Internal Workflows
    CURIO provides easy and flexible integration with internal systems for efficient, fully-automated workflows.
  • 7
    A Friendly, Partner-Based Approach
    Our team is ready to partner with you to optimize your workflow and results to ensure you quickly get the most benefit from the platform.

We'd love to learn more about your work and show you around the CURIO platform. Provide a few contact details below, and we will coordinate a time for a casual, informative discussion.